Thinking about teaching your craft?

  Do you see those artists or crafters posting photos of workshops they’re teaching in Paris or Hawaii and wonder how they got so lucky? If you envy artists who are holding virtual classes from their own studios, have you thought  “I’d love to do that but I wouldn’t know where to begin” or “I haven’t got the credentials to teach art”?

Well, it isn’t about luck OR credentials.

Have you ever attended one of those art retreat weekends where they bring many multimedia teachers together for a buffet of classes and thought you ‘d love to organize something like that but you don’t know how? Or wondered how those artists get those cool gigs?

Are you curious about how to share what you know and love but you’re not really sure if you’re “qualified” to teach or how you would go about organizing classes or how to get people to enroll in your workshops.

Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to teach but as an art education major, I realized I didn’t want to teach in a school setting but I didn’t realize then that there were so many other options for teaching.

Besides getting to hang out with creative, like-minded people, one benefit artists gain from teaching workshops is the added income. If you want to make more than you earn from selling your art, facilitating classes sure beats a job-job to supplement your bankroll.

But money isn’t the only reason to teach.
Facilitating classes expands your exposure in the art community, gives you the opportunity to show (and sell) more of your own work and can bring you invitations to teach at other events and participate in open studios.

One of the best ways I know to get to take lots of courses is to bring artists together to create your own gatherings or retreats and it isn’t really difficult to do.  Find out how you can learn from some of the most brilliant and in-demand teachers in the arts HERE.   The Inspiring Teachers Course is now open for registration. Find out more HERE 

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