A little known secret to turn your craft into cash over the holidays

Have you noticed that many of the small boutiques and galleries that sell handmade are low in inventory the last couple of weeks in December? I have, and I know why. And this is to your advantage as a maker with crafts to sell.

As a result of the media’s fear-based reports, small retailers ordered light this season anticipating slow sales. But guess what? Discerning consumers are searching for unique, handcrafted, meaningful gifts this season, catching retailers unprepared with insufficient supply and no time to re-order handmade gifts.  Many people  haven’t even started shopping yet which means shop owners are missing out on revenue if they don’t have inventory. While the big-box retailers can mark their wares down after the holidays, and still make a profit, as you know,  craft retailers don’t have the margin to discount since their markup is so low. So, they are afraid to purchase this late in the season.

But this is where YOU come in. Boutiques and galleries that may may not have had space to display your work previously NEED the inventory now. You likely have pieces you’d love to turn into cash.  It’s risk free for them if you put pieces on consignment and you have nothing to lose either. (review previous tips on consignment.)

Don’t limit yourself to galleries. Women are dressing for holiday evnts and new years eve parties and looking for that one-of-a-kind accessory to add pizazz to their outfit. Approach apparel shops and offer to consign your handcrafted jewelry, evening bags, shawls, etc.

No one can buy them if they are hiding out in your studio. For more great tips like this, check out “21 Ways to Turn Your Craft into a Cash Cow” HERE 


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