Days before Christmas and you still have time to turn your craft into cash NOW

It may seem like days before Christmas is too late to plan a sale of your handcrafted gifts but this is actually perfect timing. Surveys report that most consumers have not even begun their holiday shopping and even those who say they’re finished are still likely to purchase more if they see something really special.

The days prior to the holidays, everyone is feeling rushed and wondering how they’ll find time after work to get to the stores to shop. It seems employers are not falling for the frequent “sick days” employees are taking to get their shopping done.

In order to have their employees come to work rather than play hookie at the mall, or spend on-the-clock time shopping online, companies are now very receptive to vendors coming in to sell to their staff during lunch breaks.

Most corporations don’t take a percentage of the sales or ask for a space rental fee. Apparently they recognize that it is to their advantage to have the option for their employees to get some of their shopping done during business hours.

It’s always nice to hold an event with no fees or percentages going out. If you’re used to there always being a trade-off, it may seem odd that there are people who simply would love the convenience of being able to shop at their workplace. Talk to HR person at a hospital, school or office and ask if you may set up in the break room or lobby a few days before the holiday to offer gift shopping to the staff. Since you have items that can’t be found in the mall, office workers, hospital staff, etc will be excited about having this option.

It’s a good idea to set up two consecutive days because as employees go back their workspace, they show their co-workers the treasures they purchased and the excitement is viral. Be sure to bring plenty of cards, brochures or other material with your contact information. And of course, ask permission to capture contact info for your mailing list. Do some kind of drawing where people can drop in their business card with email address for a chance to win a piece of your work.

The next time you return to each venue-for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day- you’ll be able to notify your customers in advance.  They’ll look forward to your return and likely have orders from their friends who don’t work there.

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