Are you using the right colors in your crafts?

Last week, Pantone announced the color trend pallette for 2012. The color of the year is Tangerine Tango. Yes, it’s orange but a very specific orange. Even those of us who aren’t particularly up on fashion need to pay attention to these trends because they do affect the way your potential customers see your work.

A lot goes into choosing the pallette and the selection is primarily based on making the colors different enough from the past year that people feel they must update. Yes, it’s all about merchandizing. So, while the colors for 2012 shades of orange, gold, purple, aqua, green and brown, they are very specific hues of those colors. The  pinks are “sweet lilac” and “cabaret” and the while aqua has been big for a couple of years now, this is a very specific “cockatoo”.

So why does this matter for you as a crafter? Because people are going to buy those colors or compliments of them subconsciously. They get used to seeing them in shops and catalogs, recognize them and are attracted to them, possibly because of the familiarity. If you make wear-ables such as jewelry or scarves, your customers are probably looking for pieces to compliment their wardrobe so you do need to become familiar with the color trends and make sure that you do have at least a portion of your line in that pallette. If you attend bead shows or wholesale fabric shows, be sure to bring the pallette along and use it as a guide for purchasing your supplies. And by all means, if you exhibit at wholesale tradeshows, the pallette should be part of your booth display because retailers will be impressed that you have planned your line around what will sell best in their shops and that will increase your sales.

How has color trend influenced your craft business in the past year? As always, you’re invited to comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and observations on this.

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  1. Interesting article. Have just been researching the Spring/Summer 2012 colours to see what I need to focus on. This article confirms I’m moving in the right direction. Thanks.

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