4 Easy Ways to Turn your Craft into Cash at the 11th Hour

  Author’s Note: (This tip was written for Christmas Eve but works equally well the day before or on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It WORKS. Many crafts people report making more money in a few hours this way than at a huge craft fair.) 


Do you think it’s too late to sell your crafts on Valentine’s Day? You’d be amazed at how many crafts people, particularly jewelry artists,  tell me they have made more sales in a couple of hours a day or two before a holiday than in the three previous weeks combined. It’s all about using the bad habits of procrastinators to your advantage.


Here are a few tips for making some last minute cash:


Guys, I apologize in advance for the stereotype, but let’s face it,  men tend to wait until the last minute to shop. (Yes, some women do too.) Still, hanging out where men are captive audiences is a guaranteed way to turn your craft into cash at the last minute. Particularly if you make wearables like jewelry or scarves, jump on this. Most guys have no idea what to buy their wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers so they appreciate your suggestions.

  • Pick the most upscale men’s salon or barber shop and offer to set up a display of your wares at peak hours. Make sure and approach it as if you’re doing THEM  a favor rather than the other way around because you are. (The owner and operators likely haven’t done holiday shopping yet either so they can have first pick without having to leave work.) Also, mention that setting this up will be an attraction for them as well so it will draw in new customers for the salon. You will sell more than you would in a craft show or retail setting because guys won’t be cheap in front of other guys. There’s kind of a magnet effect. One buys and they all start opening their wallets.


  • Even as late as the 14th, if you get permission to set up at a large office building in the lobby or break room, you’ll be doing the employees and the employers a favor because  lots of guys (and gals) are planning to leave work early on  Valentine’s Day and stop on the way home to pick up last minute gifts. I’ve heard craters say they sold more in a lunch hour Valentine’s Day than all month long.


  • Medical personnel often have to work odd hours so a hospital is a great place to have a last minute sale. Ask the HR department if you can set up in an area that the nurses and doctors gather on their breaks.


  • Another great place to set up a last minute pop-up display is a nice neighborhood sports bar where regulars gather for lunch and dinner. (think Cheers). If you get the guys at lunch time, you have a captive audience. You have the advantage of couples as well and believe me, if there is a table of handmade jewelry set up, women will crowd around. They’ll not only buy for friends and family but will show the guys the pieces they like.

In all of the above instances,  be sure to have plenty of cards and brochures with your contact info and write a description on the card what the person liked if they don’t buy it so that they can call or email you later. Also, do a drawing for a piece of your work. Just put out a bowl to collect business cards or scraps of paper for them to put their name and email address on. Ask permission to add the to your newsletter list so that you can let them know in advance when you’ll be back at that location or somewhere near by. ( Mother’s Day.)

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