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I overheard a woman say that her son needs to get a job because he has expensive hobbies. (this mom is an entrepreneur-ouch). I suggested that instead of getting a job to pay for his hobbies, she help him start a business. What could be better motivation for a child to tone his entrepreneurial muscles?

Some of the other parents were talking about teaching their children to read a balance sheet. Unless your child loves numbers, I think that’s a good way to make business feel like a big scary thing-not the best place to begin to teach your kids about making a living without a job. First,  teach them how to MAKE the money.

Sure they can do the usual kid jobs: babysitting, lawn mowing or selling lemonade but if that’s not their thing, guiding them to do something they don’t enjoy to earn money for a hobby they love is just priming them to turn into adults who pursue an uninspiring career in order to earn the money to take a ski vacation or trip to the beach once a year.

If we want our kids to grow into passionate, enthusiastic adults, why not show them now that they can turn that expensive hobby into their first profit center.
Here’s an example of how you can help your child create her own business from her hobby. If your child lovesmaking model planes, trains or automobiles, there are endless ways to turn that into an income stream while having fun. She can put up a notice to have a model-building day camp where neighborhood kids can come and learn to make models. She can charge a small fee, enough to pay for the supplies plus a teaching fee.

Help her find a source of wholesale model-building kits and find out what the minimum purchase is. If it’s minor, you might have her do a few chores to earn the start-up money.

Once the camp is successful, she can take that money to purchase more supplies which she can resell to other kids at retail.

She could also start a club for model builders and charge a small membership fee. If she enjoys writing, she can start a blog or subscription newsletter for members with all the latest tips and news on the hobby.

This model can work for nearly any other interest your child has from baking to making soaps, body care products, jewelry or candles.

     What if your kid isn’t a maker? There are still so many ways he or she can create their OWN summer job.

If you don’t want your kids to grow up to be one of those adults who hates their job, why not start now to show them they can make money and have fun at the same time? That’s why I’ve created an e-guide to help you help your kids of any age to create their OWN summer jobs, start their own businesses while having fun doing what they love.

I’ll show them how to figure out what kind of small business to start (with little or no money) and guide them in the start-up process. You’ll get at least 50 business ideas that can be adapted for kids of any age and give them guidance on how to get customers to pay them for their strengths.

You can get the e-guide right now 

Create Your Own Summer Job only $19.


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