Craft a Cash Cow

“21 Ways to Turn Your Craft into a Cash Cow”

2014 21_Ways to Turn Your Craft into a Cash Cow

If you make bath and body products like soaps and lotions, edible treats such as preserves, cupcakes or sauces, home decor items, hand poured candles, jewelry or wearable items you can earn thousands a month following this guide.

I’d love to see everyone give handmade and I’d love to see every maker be in positive financial shape  so I’ve put together an e-guide with 21 easy ways for you to turn your craft into a cash cow.

NONE of these income generating ideas require an Etsy site or doing traditional craft fairs. (I give you plenty of tips on those things in other courses.) Most of these ideas are things you can do any time of year.

EACH ONE of these tips I’ve either tried myself or recommended to clients and have proven to generate between a thousand and fifteen hundred a month. That’s from EACH idea. Imagine if you do several or all of them.  Get the guide now for only $24. 

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