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“21 Ways to Turn Your Craft into a Cash Cow”

 If you make bath and body products like soaps and lotions, edible treats such as preserves, cupcakes or sauces, home decor items, hand poured candles, jewelry or wearable items you can earn thousands a month following this guide.

I’d love to see everyone give handmade and I’d love to see every maker be in positive financial shape  so I’ve put together an e-guide with 21 easy ways for you to turn your craft into a cash cow.

NONE of these income generating ideas require an Etsy site or doing traditional craft fairs. (I give you plenty of tips on those things in other courses.) Most of these ideas are things you can do any time of year.

EACH ONE of these tips I’ve either tried myself or recommended to clients and have proven to generate between a thousand and fifteen hundred a month. That’s from EACH idea. Imagine if you do several or all of them.


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Crafting Your Way Through College jpg “Crafting your Way Through College” is an e-guide teaching teens and college students how to create income by crafting their way through college. Even if they don’t think they are creative, there are tons of suggestions for making (and guides for selling without really selling) everything from candles to soaps to jewelry.  Why get a  part time that may not work aroud your study and activities schedule when they can be having more fun and making more money on their own time. This is NOT just for artists and crafters and it’s about way more than putting up an Etsy page. If you have a young person in your life, this will make for some great summer fun and earning. The concepts in this guide can be adapted for younger kids as well.

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Start Your Own Gallery or Craft Cooperative 

it’s always been your dream to have your own gallery or cooperative shop, it’s not as overwhelming as it may seem and you don’t need a lot of start-up capital.  Because I don’t believe in taking out large loans to start a business , I’ve written an e-guide that gives you step-by-step details for how you can start your own gallery or craft cooperative with very little or no cash. In fact, I’ll show you how you can even get other artist to pay for YOUR own exhibit space.


I’ve provided templates and worksheets for everything you need from how to choose the best location and source stock for your shop to consignment agreements, insurance issues and artist relationships.


When I opened my gallery in 2000, I had started and sold other successful businesses. Even so,  I still made a lot of mistakes that would have helped me be more profitable sooner. I DID make a very nice income from my gallery , I did NOT  have to work 24-7 and I sold it for a nice 6 figure profit so I am giving you the guide I wish I’d had.  I’m sharing my own experience and the wisdom I’ve gained from working with  many artists and gallery owners over the years .

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Create Your Own Summer Job


Create Your OWN Summer Job jpg

I overheard a woman say that her son needs to get a job because he has expensive hobbies. (this mom is an entrepreneur-ouch). I suggested that instead of getting a job to pay for his hobbies, she help him start a business. What could be better motivation for a child to tone his entrepreneurial muscles?

Some of the other parents were talking about teaching their children to read a balance sheet. Unless your child loves numbers, I think that’s a good way to make business feel like a big scary thing-not the best place to begin to teach your kids about making a living without a job. First,  teach them how to MAKE the money.

Sure they can do the usual kid jobs: babysitting, lawn mowing or selling lemonade but if that’s not their thing, guiding them to do something they don’t enjoy to earn money for a hobby they love is just priming them to turn into adults who pursue an uninspiring career in order to earn the money to take a ski vacation or trip to the beach once a year.

If we want our kids to grow into passionate, enthusiastic adults, why not show them now that they can turn that expensive hobby into their first profit center.
Here’s an example of how you can help your child create her own business from her hobby. If your child lovesmaking model planes, trains or automobiles, there are endless ways to turn that into an income stream while having fun. She can put up a notice to have a model-building day camp where neighborhood kids can come and learn to make models. She can charge a small fee, enough to pay for the supplies plus a teaching fee.

Help her find a source of wholesale model-building kits and find out what the minimum purchase is. If it’s minor, you might have her do a few chores to earn the start-up money.

Once the camp is successful, she can take that money to purchase more supplies which she can resell to other kids at retail.

She could also start a club for model builders and charge a small membership fee. If she enjoys writing, she can start a blog or subscription newsletter for members with all the latest tips and news on the hobby.

This model can work for nearly any other interest your child has from baking to making soaps, body care products, jewelry or candles.

     What if your kid isn’t a maker? There are still so many ways he or she can create their OWN summer job.

If you don’t want your kids to grow up to be one of those adults who hates their job, why not start now to show them they can make money and have fun at the same time? That’s why I’ve created an e-guide to help you help your kids of any age to create their OWN summer jobs, start their own businesses while having fun doing what they love.

I’ll show them how to figure out what kind of small business to start (with little or no money) and guide them in the start-up process. You’ll get at least 50 business ideas that can be adapted for kids of any age and give them guidance on how to get customers to pay them for their strengths.

You can get the e-guide right now 

 only $19.

Create Your OWN Summer Job jpg


Audio Class:  “12 Easy  Ways to turn your Creative Hobby into an Extra $1200 a Month”. (and if you do all 12 things, your creative hobby could be a $14,000 a month biz. ) 

Each one of these tips has successfully brought me or my clients an extra $1000 to $1500 a month.

If you put just one of these easy tips into action, you can bring in an extra $1200. a month. If you do ALL these things, that’s 14,400 a  month or 172,800 a year. I don’t believe in “get-rich-quick” so I’m not saying it’s not hard work. If you implement all these ideas, you’ll have to quit your job because you won’t have time for it but guess what? You won’t need it so who cares?  You’ll receive the audio in your inbox to listen to at your leisure.

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How to Open Your Own Pop-Up Shop

A pop-up shop is a great way to test out new products and get real-time customer feedback. It’s an effective way to build brand awareness and reach customers who may prefer to shop in-person than online. It’s also a low-risk way to see if your idea is a winner and if having a brick and mortar location feels right for you.

If you’ve ever thought it would be great fun to try on a physical presence without risking a lot of start-up capital or committing to a long term lease, a pop-up shop could be the perfect answer.

 and I can show you how to do it with LITTLE OR NO START UP COST

You can pre-order your copy of the e-Guide

“How to Open a Pop-up Shop without a Bankroll.”  

HERE for only $24.


Beyond Etsy Letter Size

 Complete “Beyond Etsy E-Course” 

You’ve probably read books on how to start a business and even some on creating a  business selling your art or handmade crafts. There are even some courses out there on starting a crafts business but most are from the perspective of someone who has sold their craft online OR at craft shows OR sold wholesale. None give you first hand advice and stories from artists and crafts people who have experienced ALL areas of the hand made world.

I keep hearing from readers that they want to make a living selling their handmade art and they’ve read books and even sought advise from SBA advisors but that they are more confused than ever because they don’t understand the MBA speak. Creative entrepreneurs think differently and need advise from someone who speaks and understands their language.

I’ve been listening to your questions and challenges, making notes from my decades of experience as an artist and gallery owner and interviewing artists and crafts people, makers and bakers.


it’s all in one place, a course that speaks a language

that creatives like YOU understand.

I’m not going to waste your time or mine on the stuff you can find in a “how-to” business book. This is first hand advise on the stuff YOU need about how to make a living from your craft

because the myth of the starving artist is a bunch of baloney.

I’ve taken a lifetime of wisdom and experience in the business of handmade art and put it all together in a comprehensive course. You’ll get worksheets and references and hear advice and real life examples of fine artists and crafts people who make a living creating and selling their paintings, calligraphy, textiles, candles, bath and body products, jewelry, graphics, photography  and just about every craft you can imagine. Some are even bringing in a six figure income from their art and they’ve offered up their wisdom, experiences and secrets to success on topics about all areas of the handmade art world, online and off. We share what we all learned from our mistakes and what we’d do differently if we knew in the beginning what we know now about starting and profiting from a creative business so that you can do it right the first time.

We’ll cover every aspect of making money selling your creations ONLINE AND OFF, at retail and wholesale to shops, at craft fairs, home parties, in galleries, even how to open your own craft gallery or co-op. We’ll talk about pricing, photographing and writing descriptions for your handmade.

I know we all have different learning styles so you’ll get a mix of PDFs, worksheets and Audio files which you can download and listen to at your own pace.


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