What you should do this week to sell more of your handmade crafts for Mother’s Day

If you sell your handmade jewelry or crafts on Etsy or another website AND you’re doing all the right things to drive the traffic (buyers) to your site, that’s wonderful. Remember, though, a lot of people are last minute shoppers and won’t begin shopping until Friday for Mother’s Day Sunday.

Many artists, crafters and jewelry makers assume everyone knows about Etsy but you’d be amazed at all the qualified buyers with money to spend who would never dream of looking on Etsy for a Mother’s Day gift. There are also many people who want to see and touch the gift before they buy. That’s one reason brick and mortar jewelry stores still exist.

Your job, the week leading up to Mothers’ Day, is to get your work in front of buyers where they already spend time:

  • offices and hospitals
  • spas and barber shops
  • gyms
  • sports bars

If you took my advice and set up some trunk shows for Valentines Day, this week you should just call the places where your sales were best and schedule a date to do it again in May. If you haven’t taken any of these suggestions yet, now is the time to follow through and plan to make more money from your craft.

Remember it’s to their advantage to have you in their establishment. To read why, you’ll find more lots of ideas for what you can do to sell more crafts at the last minute HERE. Some of the tips are written about Valentines Day but they work great for Mother’s’ Day as well.

2 ways to get your craft, classes or services in front of millions if you hate marketing and self-promotion

Last week a client told me about something that I want to share with you, particularly if you’re someone who hates marketing your own craft. It’s one of the coolest things to pop up in this new shared economy. Aimed at travelers,  it’s important to know if you have any skill or knowledge you’d like to get paid to share with others.

I alredy knew about Verlocal but I’m really excited about both of these opportunities. I think it’s especially helpful for those of you who still haven’t made peace with the M-word. If you want to get your offerings out to a wider audience without having to do the promotion yourself (and you haven’t yet discovered that marketing can actually be a creative activity) you’ll love both of these.

If you live in a major city and have ANYTHING you are knowledgeable about that you’d like to get paid to share with others, you can become an “Experience Host” on AirBnB. You do NOT have to be an AirBnB host to be an Experience host. Hosts can offer immersions or one day experiences. Immersions happen over multiple days and are offered as is. One day experiences can last just a couple of hours. You can take someone on a walking tour of your city and show them the little-known secrets only a local could find or teach anything from how to make your own sushi to salsa-dancing. Are you an ace at roasting coffee or throwing pottery? Now you can offer it as an experience on AirBnB. You design an experience, list it on the AirBnB Experience page and pay a booking fee of 20% (last I checked.) You’ll have the exposure of a world-wide audience.

I knew about Verlocal but hadn’t thought of it as a way to get the word out about your art or classes or experiences you might offer. It is only in select cities so far. You can set up a class or event and list it on Verlocal. You choose your own pricing. When transactions are made for classes, Verlocal simply takes 15% of the amount listed. You can integrate their booking tool on your own website or if you don’t have a site, you can use your Verlocal profile page as your personal site.

Both Verlocal and AirBnB Experience are great ways to dip into the teaching pool or expand your offerings to a wider audience without having to do the marketing ourself. Can you think of something you’d like to get paid to share?

For more ideas on how to begin teaching or facilitating in the arts, check out the Inspiring Teachers course where 30 of the most sought-after creative teachers share their experience and wisdom running retreats in beautiful places around the world or teaching in their own home studios both in person and online. Find out more HERE