When you make gifts for men, remember who the shopper is?

img_2299 Most crafts seem to be made with women or children in mind as the end user but you’re missing out if you don’t have something in your line for men. True, many men aren’t shoppers unless they are shopping for or with women, but the women in their lives are shoppers and they buy for men.

Think about all the women who have taken the Handmade Pledge. They’ll be looking for holiday gifts for the men intheir lives  Continue reading

How to make sure you don’t have holiday credit card debt.

major-credit-card-icons  Because I’m committed to supporting makers and indie businesses, I don’t participate in the Black Friday madness.  Still, I’m very aware that many people in western cultures dig the deepest deficit in their bank accounts during the 4 weeks preceding Christmas. For many, this gift shopping frenzy results in painful credit card bills arriving in January. So how can you make sure you don’t have holiday credit card debt?

Ideally, many of your gifts will be handmade with love. Even so, expenses mount up during the holidays but it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you could not only get ahead of those holiday bills but make thousands of dollars to give you a head start on 2016?

Retailers generally make the largest chunk of their income during this last quarter and as a maker, you can too, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or craftsperson. If you make bath and body products like soaps and lotions, edible treats such as preserves, cupcakes or sauces, home decor items, hand poured candles, jewelry or wearable items you can earn thousands before the end of the year.

I’d love to see everyone give handmade and I’d love to see every maker be in positive financial shape after the holidays so I’ve put together  a couple of guides to help you turn your craft into a cash cow.

NONE of these income generating ideas require an Etsy site or doing traditional craft fairs. (I give you plenty of tips on those things in other courses.) Most of these ideas are things you can do any time of year but are particularly relevant in the next few weeks.

None of them involve icky, uncomfortable marketing.

EACH ONE of these tips I’ve either tried myself or recommended to clients and have proven to generate between a thousand and fifteen hundred a month. That’s from EACH idea. Imagine if you do several or all of them.

Get Your Copy of “21 Ways to Turn Your Craft into a Cash Cow” HERE

Do you learn better by LISTENING than READING?

If so, you might prefer the audio course
 “12 Easy  Ways to turn your Creative Hobby into an Extra $1200 a Month”.

It’s got many of the same tips and you can listen rather than read.

If you’re shopping, please do your part to support indie businesses. The recipients will love you and so will the makers.

When “done is better than perfect”

img_2189 if you’re like most of us, you probably don’t want to put your offers out into the world until they’re the very best you can do but sometimes just getting it done beats not putting it out until it’s perfect.

Recently, I’ve been consciously embracing the concept of “wabi-sabi” (perfectly imperfect) and I’ve asked myself if that is just my excuse for not doing my best. I’ve had a few clients who procrastinated so long because they didn’t want to put less than their best out into the world that by the time they were ready, their offers were irrelevant. Yesterday, I did something that confirmed for me that “done” really is “better than perfect”. I brought some handmade ribbon bracelets to a couple of markets recently before I got good photos of them. Friends have been wanting to purchase more and I haven’t had time to put up a dedicated site. I also didn’t want to create more bracelets simply to get good photographs to post so I took a leap. It was uncomfortable and still makes me cringe when I look at these terrible photos that I took with my phone in a poorly lit market.

I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve if it were my first exposure but I knew if I didn’t get them up and into the world, I wouldn’t have time to fill orders for the holidays so I posted the terrible photos on one of my existing blogs and orders are pouring in.

Are there things you’ve been meaning to get done this year but haven’t because you haven’t perfected them yet? Are your products, writing, art or other offers still on your desk, in your studio or still in your head because they aren’t “ready” for market? If so, I’m going to give you a challenge: Take one step today to put your offer out into the world knowing that you don’t have it exactly right but that you’ll get some great feedback, learn from the experience and hopefully make some money or make a difference.

Sometimes that challenge can be as simple as making a phone call, email or in-person visit to set up a home party trunk show, reading or introductory coaching session. What’s holding you back from getting your work in front of those who will become your fans? I’d love to hear how you acted on that challenge.