Could you use some extra cash this time of year?

Most people can use some extra cash this time of year and one of the most fun ways I know of is to organize make-and-take parties. You can either host them yourself or ask your friends or co-workers to host them for you.

Everyone is looking for gift ideas so you can combine a friends-night-out with a crafting party. Here’s how it works:

Come up with a simple craft project. It can be a holiday craft or something else that would make a good gift. Some ideas are handmade ornaments, bath or body products like soaps or lotions, candles , jewelry and even edible gifts such as salsas or fudge.

Purchase the materials.

Invite a group of friends to gather for a maker party. You can charge a small fee that is your supply costs plus your instruction fee.

You can earn extra revenue by having kits of the materials and supplies so that attendees can make additional pieces at home.

It’s a good idea to have some of your own finished work on display as well. Obviously, these will be more complicated pieces that the party-goers wouldn’t even attempt to make themselves. They’d rather just buy purchase them from you.

At the first party and at subsequent parties, ask the attendees if any would like to host another party for a different group of friends. You might offer them a hostess incentive such as a discount on their choice of your finished work.

Be sure to give them all your business cards so that they can purchase pieces from you in the future or contact you to have another make-and-take party or show. Also, collect their email addresses so that you can let them know when you have new work or specials.

What if you don’t enjoy teaching? Have a home show of your work at either your house or ask a friend to host a show for you. You can even invite a number of other artist or maker friends to join you for a group home show.

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