Do you use Green and Recycled Materials in your Craft?

Being eco-conscious and crafty can be a challenge. Most of us have a love affair with paper, paint, glue and other single use products, some even highly toxic. I’m not preaching here. I adore paper. I’m actually guilty of purchasing vast quantities of art supplies that I have no specific plans for at all.  (For me, the medium dictates what it will become. ) I studied photography using  the wasteful, toxic products of film, chemicals and emulsion covered paper  but I’m coming around digital.  If I weren’t so sensitive to oils and turpentine, that would still be my choice of medium.  I’m struggling with this. I want to leave our world rich in resources for future generations.  I also have an obsession with real greeting cards and there are certain circumstances when an e-card seems inappropriate. I don’t mind reading the daily news online, and I might even eventually buy a Continue reading

How you can green your giving

On a recent family visit, my sister and I discovered a photo of the two of us at 2 and 5 under the Christmas tree surrounded by newly unwrapped toys. Each of us held a special treasure in the photo. I held a cardboard paper towel roll up to my eye like a telescope and she posed adorned in recycled ribbons and bows from the gifts. This was the fifties, long before recycling was cool. I’d like to claim that we were just natural trendsetters, but I confess that in the early eighties when my son was little, our home was filled with molded plastic houses, cars and slides. We gave little thought to how these eventually ended up in the landfills.

Somewhere between that magical Christmas morning of recycling and my desire to give my son plenty of opportunity for creative play, I’d forgotten all the rainy days my friends and I spent cutting windows and doors into cardboard refrigerator boxes and stacking television cartons to make apartments houses. Or the way we collected old thread spools, hammering nails around the top to make our own little knitting devices. I’d forgotten that imagination is most active when the raw materials are available without instructions for the finished product.

It’s exciting to see the hot trend in eco-friendly toys. I’ve found a few that are both environmentally and socially responsible. Sprig Toys in Colorado makes eco-friendly “Story Builders” that inspire creative play and strong values. Mary Meyer’ “Fuzz that Was” stuffed toy pets are made out of old recycled water bottles. The Green Toy Company, based in California makes toy cookware, gardening tools, sand toys and trucks (including a Recycling Truck) out of recycled milk bottles.

It’s way too early  to be thinking about the holidays unless you wholesale your craft  but you’ve probably got birthdays and Mother’s day gifts to make and if  you are going to give responsibly, you need time to plan ahead. The marketplace is abundant with products that have had another life in a different form. If, however, you are crafty, now’s the time to start looking around for what products you tend to throw away and how you can upcycle those into fabulous gifts.

Do you have ideas for eco-friendly gift projects you’ve made or plan to make that you’d like to share with us? If you have found an artist or product line that uses recycled materials please post your recommendation here-we’d love to spread the word and promote your projects or treasured finds.