More on Crafting for a Cause: A great way to sell your craft and make a difference.

We all want to make money selling our handmade items and many of us  feel the need to make a difference in our community or the world. Since the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, I’ve been thinking a lot about my running days. I always ran in 10K events that raised funds for causes I believed in. I no longer run but I still want to contribute in some way in addition to simply writing a check.

Usually, the runners are accompanied by friends or family members who are there as supporters and spectators and often they will hang around after the race if there are other activities.

An idea that came to mind that I want to share with you all is combining a craft fair with a race. Whether it’s a run, walk or bike race, there is almost always a first aid tent. Often, the the tent rental requires paying by the day rather than the hour so after the race, the tent sits empty for the remainder of the day. What if you approached the organizers of the race and offered to gather artists and crafters to do a show after the event and donate a portion of sales to the cause? Ideally, you would charge each crafter a booth fee and then they would agree to give a percentage of their sales to the cause.

If a tent is not available, you can still organize a craft fair at the site and  the crafters will set up their own canopies. Either way, you will be making money from your crafts, helping other crafters and contributing to a cause you believe in.

Have you ever tried this? If so, please share with us in the comments below how it worked out for you. If not, give it a try.