An Easy Tip for Making Sales of your Hand-Crafted Jewelry

I just finished up a call with an entrepreneur who will be joining Barbara Winter and me in Las Vegas for the Obstacle Buster Mastermind and I’m thinking of all the things she can do to grow her jewelry business. She has a job demanding in the cosmetic industry and she says whenever she wears her jewelry to that job, people ask to see it and she sells it right out of the trunk of her car.

If you aren’t already doing so, wear your own art everywhere you go. Everywhere. And bring it with you everywhere. Obviously you can’t carry around display cases full of your work but if you make jewelry, it’s easy to take a dozen or so of your best selling styles and put them in a soft jewelry roll that you can pop in your bag. Then when someone comments that they like the piece you have on, tell them you have some with you that you can show. As soon as you bring it out, everyone crowds around looking at your work. All it takes is one person to purchase and it’s contagious. Always, always have your cards with contact info to hand out. If someone admires a piece, write the style name  or some identifiable memo on the card for them so that they can refer to it later.
Also carry a small notebook to jot down the person’s name, contact info and what they liked so that you can let them know when you have similar pieces. Ask permission to add people to your mailing list so that they will know when you have new designs or are doing shows.

Having your jewelry with you is also a great way to book home parties because if someone loves your work, they will want their friends to see it as well. You can make an arrangement with them that in exchange for hosting the party for you, they will get a discount on your jewelry or a complimentary piece as a hostess gift.

Particularly in the next couple of weeks, you’ll have lots of opportunity to sell your work to men who are at a loss for what to do for Valentines Day. Make sure you wear it and have samples with you everywhere.

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Do you know WHY your haven’t started your craft business?

If you’re an idea generator like I am, you know that feeling of “I will never live long enough to bring all these ideas to fruition”. For those of us who have a constant flow of fresh ideas, we choose which to give our attention to first and don’t fret over those that may not be hatched for awhile. (and I’ll tell you a little secret. Sometimes I give my best ideas away to clients, because I don’t know when I’ll find time and I want to see them come to life. Each time, the muse gifts me with several more.)

When I speak with people who have lots of ideas, I suggest they jot down some notes and keep them in a file. Once they’re recorded, the anxiety over possibly forgetting them subsides. The mind is then free to focus on one idea at a time and the file is always there when you are ready for it.

What about the ideas that you thought were brilliant when you stashed them away but when you have time, you never revisit them? Why are you neglecting them? Is it fear of failure?

If you’re risk adverse, let me ask you this. Which is scarier to you? Trying and failing or the regret of never having tried? I’m sure you can guess which frightens me. Regret, for sure. I take risks because I am more afraid of regret than failure. (and for the record, I have no regrets.)

It wasn’t until recently that I realized there are people who fear success. Some worry about having to live up to others’ expectations of them if they succeed. For some, it’s uncomfortable to be in the spotlight. Well, contrary to popular thought, I know that a private person can be successful without having to show up on Oprah.

Another excuse I hear for leaving a good idea by the wayside is the fear that someone will steal your idea.  Of course it’s possible that someone will copy your great idea, manufacture it cheaply in China and it will outsell your original. But you know what? You can’t do anything with your great idea if you never take it out of the closet.

Fear is definitely an obstacle to bringing ideas to life but the most common reason people give for not moving forward on their dreams is overwhelm. When I speak with artist and aspiring entrepreneurs about what’s been holding them back, they most frequently site overwhelm with not knowing what to do first. They just have no idea where to begin so they freeze and do nothing. One of the best ways to overcome that overwhelm is to get a clear vision of the whole project and then break it down into actionable small steps.

For some guidance on how to lay out the big picture of your dream so that you can figure out where to start, scroll down to the January 13, 2012 post titled  “Are you limiting your dream to the size of your desktop?”.

What’s happening with YOUR neglected ideas? If you’re ready to put it on the table and give it the attention your great idea deserves, check out what Barbara Winter , best selling author of “Making a Living without a Job” and I are doing to help a small group of aspiring entrepreneurs break through the barriers and start their dream businesses NOW. HERE’S the SCOOP

What to do about those ideas that keep re-surfacing no matter how many times you bury them

Do you have an idea that you keep putting  off until “someday”, feeling that the time isn’t right, you aren’t sure how to go about it or if it would make money? I have lots of these that sit on the back burner. Some, I pull out, recognize that it isn’t the ideal time and I pop back in the “later” file.  Others, I revisit, evaluate and determine that the profit potential isn’t enough to spend time on or that my passion for the project has dwindled. Then there are ideas that just won’t stop coming back to me. Even when I am immersed in another project, they continually pop up and beg for my attention. I call those “boomerang” ideas. Barbara Winter calls them “neglected ideas”.

If you have an idea, however vague, that keeps popping back up no matter how deep  you bury it, it’s probably worth your time to finally take it seriously.

While I never make a major business decision without weighing it intellectually with facts and figures, I am a true believer in tuning into the subconscious. When an idea returns even after I have dismissed it, I know it’s time to give it serious consideration.

Because boomerang ideas can be pesky for a reason, Barbara Winter and I have planned something we’ve never done before. We’ve reserved a suite in Las Vegas to sit down with a select group of artists and aspiring entrepreneurs and bring those neglected ideas to what I call the “possibility circle”. That means you put your concept out there and we all put our “problem solver” hats on to bust through the obstacles and create a viable business.

This won’t be a lecture and it isn’t for you if you are looking for a “what do I want to do when I grow up” seminar. It will be a hands-on, hats-on how-to-make-it happen NOW workshop. If you’ve been sitting on an idea that won’t leave you alone until you do it, if you are ready to roll up your sleeves, dig in to the details and bring it to life, click HERE to learn more about how you can be part of this powerful mastermind. And if you do it NOW, you’re still in time for a pre-workshop phone consult with me. Here’s how you can join the circle.