How do you juggle it all, stay focused and still make space for creative energy?

Most of us have diverse aspects of our daily lives which can lead to distraction and  fragmented thinking.  Whether it’s the need to juggle family, business and household or working on several related projects simultaneously, multi-tasking often breeds mediocrity.

Because I have a couple of different businesses, I am frequently bouncing between websites and blog posts and twitter accounts. Part of the challenge is the constant generation of ideas whirling in my brain faster than I can get them all down. So, I switch over to another page or file and record the thought. I get things accomplished but I know I could do better if I focused on one task at a time.

Every year I pick a word and for 2012, my word is FOCUS. I’ve not decided exactly how I will apply this to my work day but I have a few ideas. I may choose to work strictly on one business on certain days. If I am doing a project for Inspired Livelihood and something comes up for Craft Biz Blog, I’ll possibly just pretend that Craft Biz Coach is out of the office today and she will get back with you tomorrow. I’ll keep my Inspired Livelihood hat on all day. And then how do I handle areas of overlap in my businesses? Maybe I’ll divide my day spending morning on one biz and afternoon on the other.

As an artist, you may work on crafts that require diverse processes. Do you design Monday, fabricate Tuesday, solder Wednesday, market Thursday and pack and ship Friday? Do you throw pots in the morning, glaze others in the afternoon while others are firing? What happens when you get a burst of creative energy on a day that’s designated a marketing day? How do you organize your tasks so that you maintain sharp focus while continuing to be open to flow of inspiration?

My friend Barbara Winter has some great tips on 3 Ways to Sharpen your Focus HERE

Are you using the right colors in your crafts?

Last week, Pantone announced the color trend pallette for 2012. The color of the year is Tangerine Tango. Yes, it’s orange but a very specific orange. Even those of us who aren’t particularly up on fashion need to pay attention to these trends because they do affect the way your potential customers see your work.

A lot goes into choosing the pallette and the selection is primarily based on making the colors different enough from the past year that people feel they must update. Yes, it’s all about merchandizing. So, while the colors for 2012 Continue reading

What’s the new hot color for 2012?

Whether you paint, make jewelry, home accessories or any other craft, it’s important to be up on trends. Even artists who work with vintage components are wise to consider the hot color pallet for the coming year because your buyers are going to want pieces that compliment their wardrobe or home.  And believe me, next years hot color  is just that-hot.  Pantone, the ultimate source for color trends, announced the 2012 Color of the Year will be…..drum roll, please…..Tangerine Tango. In other words, orange. Consider using tiny accents of tangerine in your 2012 collection. Remember though, most people are going to purchase colors they like or that look good on them or in their homes, not what’s hot. What colors were your best sellers for 2011?