Cross Market your Crafts-Sell More for Less

Are you counting solely on the popular internet craft markets to bring in all your revenue? If so, you should consider additional options. The handmade mall-type sites are wonderful ways to be seen but your work can get lost in the crowd so don’t count on those alone.

While I always recommend getting out in the real world now and then for your crafts to be seen in person, there are other methods for selling online as well that will help you stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to market your craft is to partner with online vendors who are selling items to the same target audience. For example, if I made hair accessories for little girls, I would seek out sites that sell children’s clothing, dance wear, bridal wear, and maybe partner with someone who hand paints children’s shoes.  Rather than pay for advertising on these sites, set up a meeting with several complimentary vendors. (This can be a virtual conference since you are likely in different geographical areas. ) Either agree to all trade ad space on one another’s sites or better yet, agree to blog about the others’ products, show images and include links. You might even try to coordinate styles or colors with what the other vendors are showing and do sort a Amazon style cross market. (“People who ordered this also like this”).

You can also each do “my favorite things” list where you feature one another’s products. Don’t discount sites that are strictly magazine/article oriented rather than actual e-commerce sties. Find a publication that appeals to your ideal client and ask them if they’d like to do a “recommend exchange”. I wouldn’t simply exchange links-most people don’t even bother checking out the “links” on other people’s sites. Rather, submit an article to the other site with photos and a link to your site. that way, if your JV partner doesn’t have time to write a post about your products, they have something to post that’s ready to go. If they do agree to write a post, they’ll not have to go research facts about your business.

Assuming you connect with three other vendors selling complimentary products and you each showcase one another’s lines on your sites, you will each have expanded your list up to four times.