Who are your True Friends?

Do you “friend” everyone who “friends” you on Facebook? Even people you’ve never heard of who’s business or life has no relevance to yours? What about Twitter? Do you “Follow” back everyone who follows you?

What began as relationship marketing seems to have quickly turned into a numbers game. Daily, Twitterers  follow me who I’ve never heard of and who are pitching something that has no relevance to my life or businesses, nor I to theirs. It’s obviously that they are randomly trying to simply build their follower numbers. I don’t follow them back.

When I initially signed up for Facebook, I “friended”  some fellow inspired entrepreneurs. Suddenly every internet marketer wanted to be my friend.

I understand people’s thinking that the more people who know you’re out there and what you do, the more business you’ll get, right?   “Even if I don’t need what you have, maybe I know someone or will meet someone who does”.

Well, I’m not buying into it. Here’s why. Continue reading