Featured Artist Susan Bishop

photo_square_0 image_9    Susan Bishop is a teacher, artist and metalsmith. She says  “The process of creating is something that I constantly explore. It never ceases to amaze me how you can start with a raw material and an idea and watch it transform into a piece of art. There is inspiration all around me, which fires my artistic passion – from photography and painting to jewelry design and production. Hopefully, you can feel the love for what I do in each piece of jewelry you wear or art that you hang in your home. Check out my events page for upcoming shows and classes.”  You can see Susan’s work HERE


Featured Entrepreneur Pat Elder

il_170x135.386345437_9l38You know I encourage multiple income streams and many of you have several different businesses. Pat Elder is a prime example of a multi-potentialite. She owns  Rosa Roca Training Stable, where she trains and shows Miniature Horses and Shetland Ponies. She’s also a published author and visual artist with 3  Etsy Shops featuring her handmade jewelry, good luck JuJu Dolls and Polymer Clay. You can see her books HERE 

and see her crafts HERE 


Featured Craftsperson Teresa Linger

copy2-1392585667-004-2jpg  After having to make a career adjustment due to health issues, it seemed natural for Teresa to develop her creative side. When she was expecting her first granddaughter received a lot of great compliments on the dresses she made for her. That’s when she got the idea to supplement her disability income and open my Etsy shop.

She says her new embellished tote bags have been the most fun to make and they make gorgeous gifts.
You can see more of Teresa’s work at CrochetByTeresa

Long on craft supplies, short on cash?

In addition to selling your finished crafts, a great way to turn some inventory into cash between now and Christmas is to sell some of your excess supplies and tools of your craft. Yes, there are bead stores and big box craft stores all across the country, and people can buy anything they want online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell the components of your craft. Any of us who are crafters know that we can’t pass up a bead shop, yarn shop, fabric store, etc and especially since people can see what you make out of the materials, it is more attractive than the same supplies look loose in a craft store. We all have tools and supplies that we purchased on impulse and either haven’t gotten the inspiration to use them yet or lost interest in them. An attractive way to merchandise them is to bundle them with instructions for a simple piece that can be made out of the supplies.   Your market is not only crafters but family and friends of crafters who give them as gifts.

You can put them up Read the rest of this entry »

Green your Giving: Ideas for Earth Conscious Wrapping

My sister-in-saw Nancy was a resourceful recycler long before being green was vogue. Raising four children in the 70‘s on a very limited income, she creatively reused and repurposed everything. When other kids were ferociously ripping wrapping paper and balling it up for the trash, Nancy’s’ gang carefully cut the scotch tape and folded the gift wrap for re-giving. Ribbons and bows were saved in a box for next year. The kids learned not to be disappointed if a box from Radio shack contained hand-crocheted slippers. (The box had probably once contained a remote-control airplane before.) It wasn’t unusual to open a Christmas card from Nancy that we’d sent her a previous year. She’d cut the fronts off all the cards she received and paste them to construction paper to create a new card. Coffee cans and jelly jars were saved all year, decoupaged and repurposed for cookie giving. She’d put a coat of glossy Modge podge on stale Christmas cookies and use them as tree ornaments. She wasn’t trying to save the environment. She was just using what she had to make the holidays special but we could all take lessons from Nancy in being green.
When I attend a holiday gathering that involves gift-giving, I’m often appalled at the heaps of gift wrap, cardboard boxes, ribbon and other disposable waste. Most people don’t realize that shiny gift wrap Read the rest of this entry »

Featured Artist Karen Phillips



Karen Phillips is an Atlanta artist who paints abstracts in acrylic and mixed media.  Karen says, “Painting sings to my soul…enticing, prodding, images begging to be made. It is my meditation. Ideas—ignited by color, texture, and nature—germinate from within and grow into inspiration, with a bit of obsession. It is all that I feel. It is all that I witness. It is all that I am. I am inspired by nature and often contemplate what lies beneath the surface of things. Using acrylic paints and other materials, I try to convey ideas through texture and color. I find that people want to touch my paintings to get a sense of what it is they’re seeing. ”  See more of Karen’s work HERE 


Featured Artist Lina Angelov

il_170x135.692296721_ny1m  Lina Angelov of Linita Creations learned from YouTube video tutorials to make wirewrapped jewelry. She incorporates  gemstones and freshwater pearls , brass, silver plated and cooper wire. She also uses Precious Metal Clay to create exquisite Fine Silver jewelry pieces. Lina says “I truly believe that every woman is beautiful in her own way and my goal is just to help emphasize the natural beauty.
I also like to create men’s jewelry – it’s simpler but not less beautiful and gives every man trendy and masculine look.
I am so lucky to have clients in different countries and I hope that my creations bring joy and positive energy to everybody who owns them! You can see LIna’s reations at www.linitacreations.com


Featured Artist Dawn Duff

il_570xN.515752182_ppq0  Dawn Duff is a SC Lowcountry artist and instructor who began her journey using clay as a disability therapy. Dawn works in oil, water media, acrylic, mixed media, collage and assemblage. She also creates mosaics installations and, micro mosaic and precious metal clay jewelry. Dawn says she especially loves commission work, to take someone else’s dream and make it a reality for them. You can see Dawn’s work HERE 


Featured Crafter Sher Marchman-Day

6136965  Aware Bears were launched from a vision that Sher, Owner of Day Dreams, had several years ago. Sher knew and understood the emotional traumatic impact of youth and adults in transition to group homes, hospitals, or foster care could not be avoided; however, the feelings of helplessness, loss of hope and isolation could be lightened. The vision and desire to reduce the emotional impact resulted in a tangible and safe item a person could call their own – Aware Bears.

The first Aware Bear represented Mental Health Awareness, with the Nebraska Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health holding the distinct honor of receiving the first Aware Bear. Since Aware Bears initial launch in February of 2012, more than 25 represented causes have been created for the Aware Bears family and more than 300 Aware Bears have found homes. You can see all Sher’s work and her Aware Bears HERE 

Featured Crafters Susan Haas and Shannon Francis

il_170x135.542430870_lrew Susan Haas and Shannon Francis first attended a soap making class in the Fall of 2012 and they were hooked! So began the journey of learning as much as possible about incorporating herbs and medicinal plants into soaps and other various body care products. They started teaching classes at their house and realized there was a great demand for local knowledge and products like what they were creating. Thus Green Goddess Gardens was born! They created a huge garden based on permaculture principles where medicinal plants and herbs were grown organically. They were able to use many of these plants and herbs via oil/water infusions to create intensely fragrant and medicinally powerful products. Read more about Green Goddess HERE